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1960s, A Tumultuous Time

  In giving more thought to the mechanism of an art movement and the factionist artists in search of the truth, free from the pollution of making art for the purpose of compulsion.   “War” was not only in Viet Nam but a war on ideas was taking place all over the world.   In 1966, The Guardian (Friday, September 9, 1966) writes, “Art is ripe for destruction.”   The article is an expos é in brief on the activities of some very radical artists in over 10 countries, all asking the question, why shouldn’t an artist affront us to make us see what he wants us to see?   “The destroyers” as they are dubbed the fashion of the English lingo, obliterate words, burn books and cut out odd words of dictionaries and paste them up “haywire.”   Tearing books apart and shuffling the pages and rewriting the narrative in surprising ways.   Yet, it is meaningful. Below is an example of the thesis of the international artist group, Destruction In Art: Program for program-painting announces the 10

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